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Alpha Cargo

Alpha Cargo Line

Alpha Cargo Line is committed to offering its cargo clients real-time follow-up of cargo movements and improved track and trace capabilities from acceptance of shipments to delivery at the final destination. We have established reliable partners of airlines, road transportation, sea vessels as well as warehouse & distribution solutions guaranteed to address specific client needs depending on nature of cargo.

Providing Value-Added Services:

Based on our culture of excellence, Alpha Cargo goes an extra mile to provide value added services that were not initially part of our client agreements. During the course of business, we are in a position of identifying potential loopholes and challenges that may arise; and thus, this prompts us to maintain regular communication with our customers. This is in order to create a pool of loyal customers that can rely on our services.

Ability to handle different challenging scenarios:

Successful freight forwarding, project logistics and freight cargo handling services in challenging markets across remote locations in Africa that require expertise, inside knowledge, and a reputation that businesses can trust. This is why Alpha Cargo Line is the preferred choice of many in the region.

Flexibility in our Operations:

Alpha Cargo Line understands that sometimes dynamics in supply chain management keep changing depending on the operating environments. These changes may include shifts in global economies, potential security lockdowns and any changes in market forces that may affect the business. In this regard, we have taken additional steps to ensure that all our activities are flexible enabling us to respond quickly when sudden changes happen.

Experienced and Trained Staff:

Alpha Cargo Line has the capability, expertise and experience to make it happen through our qualified teams and personnel. The employees have the capacity to diagnose the needs of each of our customers and thus providing a personalized service at every level of engagement.

Superior Equipment:

Alpha Cargo Line prides itself of having superior equipment and technological solutions that are customer driven. We have continued to reinvest in new technologies that have improved our service delivery and giving our customers more competitive and cost-effective solutions.

Research, Analysis and Surveys:

Alpha Cargo Line constantly surveys the industry and collects different kinds of data and intelligence in order to stay updated with any changes or shifts that may alter the course of business. In high-risk locations, we constantly survey beforehand to determine areas of concern where security is a problem and come up with mitigating solutions that will not compromise on the timings of all our deliveries. This also gives us an upper hand to access hard-to-reach areas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a preferred freight forwarder and logistics services company providing distinguished customer service.

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Our Mission

To become a preferred supply chain logistics firm by leveraging on technology to achieve expected outcomes, adopt a working smart approach, continuous improvement in service quality, and innovation to ensure long-term success of the business

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