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Air Freight

Air Freight

Alpha Cargo Line offers comprehensive airfreight service plans tailored to satisfy our customers’ individual requirements due to the sensitivity and time pressures associated with airfreight. This is accomplished through gaining a thorough understanding of our customers’ specific goals in terms of internal and external requirements.

For everyone concerned, sensitive and costly commodities are frequently subjected to intense time demands and deadlines. To ensure a high-quality service, our Airfreight Department creates a unique service plan for each customer and then applies our needed Operational Handling Standard Procedures.

Our staff of Air Freight experts follows up on every cargo so that our customers can be confident that they will always receive real-time status information on all import and export air freight shipments. We offer professional know-how in the handling of part and full charter services, as well as complete door-to-door delivery logistics on a global scale, for large cargo transportation by air.

Our scope of Air Freight Services include complete Logistics Programs (pick, pack, assembly, warehousing, documentation and handling) for:

Other support services that we provide include:

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